B-Band A1.2N-1470 acoustic guitar active pickup system

Acoustic Guitar Pickup Systems
B-Band A1.2N-1470 with volume control

Installation Instructions
The B-Band A1.2N-1470 bundle includes AST and a special version of the A1.2 that has a slight frequency notch of 6 decibels in the low-mid-range giving the system a smooth acoustic sound at louder volume levels. It can be used in any acoustic guitar, or similar instruments, that has good acces to their interior.
The A1.2 N-1470 comes with a volume control that simply mounts at the inside edge of the sound hole with adhesive. The 9-volt battery powered electronics are mounted in a small tube that is directly coupled with a high quality endpin jack making an all-in-one structure.
The structure is light in mass adding very little weight to the instrument. A1.2N-1470 kit includes all mounting hardware, boxtight battery holder and wire harness.
A1.2N-1470 Features:
Volume control mounted at the soundhole
A1.2N special design preamp
1470 AST transducer included
HZZLess low noise / high output circuit
High quality endpin output jack
Box-Tight battery holder
750 hours average battery life
9-volt phantom power option


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