B-Band UKKO A1.2Cajon DST pickup system

Manufacturers description for B-Band UKKO Cajon Mic:
The contact microphone is adhered to the inner side of the percussion platform using the enclosed 3M adhesive strips. Through a little experimenting, you can easily find out which position fits the microphone for the best sound.

The preamplifier is equipped with a 6.3mm input, over which the system can then be connected to a mixer, for example. A 9V battery is required for operation (not included). For attaching the battery, a separate box is included which is also adhesive. The volume potentiometer regulates the volume and works simultaneously as the on/off switch for the system.

Hint: The individual components are together; so complex soldering is not necessary. However, we recommend the permanent installation of the jack/pre-amplifier or volume potentiometer....


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