EDEN Cabinet EX210 8 ohms

The EX210 is a great choice for anyone that wants low end with the ability to reproduce clear tones and bring in more definition to the higher frequencies. A tweeter horn with level control provides additional flexibility allowing you to adjust high frequencies of the cabinet. The Eden designed, ported and tuned cabinet ensures that even in its compact format the EX210 delivers outstanding tone.


Feature Specification

Model: EX210
Power Handling: 300 Watts
Ohms: 8 or 4 Ohms
Speakers: 2x10"
Horn?: Y
Frequency Response:
Weight: 44.9lbs / 20.4kg
Dimensions: H: 15.6in / 39.5cm, W: 21.25in / 54cm, D:16.3in / 41.5cm

Old Price: €575.00

Price: €399.00

You save: €176.00! (30.61%)

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