B-Band A2.2 Dual Preamp System


B-Band A2.2 with XOM

The A2.2 with it’s dual input / single output onboard preamp, for use with the UST and AST pickup combination excels in performance over any other preamp of this type. The A2.2 includes the XOM technique with mix control to bring the best of the UST and AST characters together resulting in a sound that is true to the guitars unique voice in any performance venue.
The A2.2 is also great for resonator guitars with spider or biscuit bridges (write us for details!).

Using the A2.2 system in a resonator guitar is simple. The UST pickup goes under the saddle and the AST is simply attached to the resonator cone. In this way both pickups pickup the sound like no other system- At the Source! No other manufactured system does this. The control pad of the A2.2 simply mounts at the sound hole of the guitar. An optional 9-volt battery phantom power supply is available. The A2.2 has a small remote control pad with a volume and mix control that mounts without modification at the inside edge of a guitar’s soundhole. The preamp is housed in a lightweight all-metal box and can be mounted inside the guitar at the side or back and is powered with a 9-volt battery.

At the preamp there are two input gain trim controls for both the UST and AST to match input levels. The entire system installs easily with very minor modifications – one small drill hole each for the pickup and endpin jack. For fast connections all components plug in without soldering.

All mounting hardware, including a high quality endpin jack and box- tight battery holder, are supplied
Pickups sold separately (22R or 29R and 1470) 9V battery not included

A2.2 Features:
Dual channel input (UST and AST)
XOM circuit
HZZLess low noise / high output circuit
Remote soundhole volume and mix controls


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