B-Band A2 Preamp System


The B-Band A2-1470 system includes the A2 dual channel preamp, one AST-1470 Acoustic Soundboard Transducer pickup, one AG condenser microphone, all mounting hardware, box-tight battery holder and wire harness.

The B-Band A2 preamp is a high class endpin jack preamp; first class in sound and versatility. Through name and revision changes over the years, the classic A2 has endured and provided an important link between artists and their audience.

The A2 is ultimate in design for those who want to keep their instrument original with minimal intrusion. The flexible dual input preamp offers several pickup and mic configurations and coupled with the sophisticated HZZLess electronics reproduce all the instrument’s nuances.

The A2 preamp’s input channel 1 will accept either the UST or AST pickup (the AST 1470 pickup is included). Input channel 2 can be configured to accept the B-Band AG-MIC soundhole condenser microphone (included) or a magnetic pickup (not included). Separate output channels, accessed with the use of a standard stereo cable, give the user control of the two sources at a mixer or preamp. A standard mono instrument cable can be used to plug in the included AST pickup if a second pickup is not used.

Inside the A2 is a matrix of four DIP-switches that determine specialties. At channel 1 there is a switch for enabling a unique contour filter for upper register tone enhancement. For channel 2 there are DIP-switches to turn on bias voltage for the AG-MIC, to turn on a high-pass filter for microphone feedback reduction and to lower the gain from 24 dB down to 0 dB.

Dual Channel A2 Endpin Jack Preamp
High Gain Before Feedback, Wide Dynamic Range
Low Noise HZZ-Less Circuitry
For Steel and Nylon String Guitars


UST, AST or Mic sold separately


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