Donner Viper Passive Volume Pedal Mini Expression Guitar Effect Pedal 2 in 1


Two in One

The New Volume/Expression 2 in 1 pedal from Donner Company with the name of Viper, which is also a analog circuit design pedal. 2-Mode Volume/Expression effects in the whole hard plastic little stomp box, and it so strong and extremely lightweight, which provides convenience for guitarists. Now you never worry about go to play with heavy pedal which just volume mode or just expression mode.

Easy to Play

The Viper delivers both an excellent Expression response along with Volume function and all in a small footprint design, and automatically detects and catchs output source (EXP / Vol) objective. Works without battery or pedal power supply, extensive range with guitar, bass and other musical instruments. Smooth taper responds to various parameters with precision. What you can do just plug and play.

Wonderful Design

As you can see, the Viper has a wonderful name design: Green body, wonderful LOGO design. Very small footprint and much shorter and lighter than a standard Expression pedal or Volume pedal. Made of hard plastic lightweight casing and very robust and well made. This unit features PASSIVE Volume and Expression modes, it works without battery or power adapter.


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