Eden WTX 300W Bass Head and Cab


This gig ready package features our revolutionary 4.3 pound WTX-264 bass head combined with our EX112 bass cabinet. This powerful, portable combination makes the “one trip from car to gig” trek a reality. The WTX-264 easily fits into a bass gig bag or over the shoulder in its included carry case and the EX112 can be carried with one hand. The EGRW1264 will support players well through most small to mid-sized gigs and all studio situations. WTX264 The pre-amplifier section of the WTX-264 is based on the Golden Ear chip for amazing warmth and musicality. This is the same chip used in ultra-high-end recording consoles and is more expensive ? and more musical ? than the chips used by other manufacturers. Powered by a unique Analog Switching Amplifier that delivers 260W to 300W RMS (@ 4? w/ +3dB headroom), depending on local voltage conditions. The EX112 is a small footprint, light weight 1×12″ bass cabinet that provides punchy, uncolored full range sound.


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