Encore Dreadnought Outfit Natural EWP 100N


Encore acoustic guitars are expertly constructed,full size, big-sounding instruments. They offer a pleasantly crisp and bright tone with an impressive ringing sustain. Responsive and easy to play, they make an ideal instrument on which to begin learning guitar.

FREE ONLINE LESSONS – Encore has teamed up with Your Guitar Academy to provide online tuition to learn to play your Encore guitar. Beginner courses are available for acoustic/classic, electric and bass guitar with hints, tips and lessons.

Outfit includes:

¥ Encore Acoustic Guitar

¥ Satin Finish

¥ Guitar Carry Bag

¥ Guitar Strap

¥ Plectrums

¥ Pitch Pipe

¥ Tutorial DVD

¥ Spare Set of Strings


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