Montanino Custom Pedals – O’SANG overdrive


Handmade in Napoli…. O’ SANG – Fabrizio Fedele Signature –

It differs from the standard overdrives starting from the central balance wheel (switch), which Fabrizio did not want, preferring the only combination with the classic fast silicon diodes. Also, in this case Fabrizio requested a greater headroom for which the pedal can also be powered by 12 or 18 volts.

O’ SANG is an overdrive defined on a wide range of frequencies and characterized by a highly dynamic, fluid, and warm range (hence its name). The presence of the central balance wheel allows you to choose one of the two symmetrical but different combinations of diodes: the position with the rocker upwards enables the 3mm red LEDs for a crunch sound while the opposite position (BLOOD) enables the classic fast silicon diodes.


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