Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker Nickel Pickup Bridge


The pickup for guitarists who want to know exactly how an original PAF would sound today (around 40 years later). Hand-wound, meaning that differences in the number of coils can be expected (as with the “old” one); not wax potted, as this too changes the sound (despite many advantages); and the nickel covers are made to look authentically old.

The sound: truly a classic PAF – for many guitarists this pickup is still the best; no roar, as it is far too noble for this; but it can sing like no other pickup. Thanks to its special construction, one can expect from this version a grain of extra authenticity.

The SANT-HB is particularly well suited for the bridge position, especially when you want to hear as much as possible from the guitar sound (as mentioned previously, it sings – even with moderate distortion!). For that reason, it is best suited for mounting to single cut guitars as these allow it to exert sufficient punch and sustain, where an excessively powerful pickup may even cause damage!


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