Spector Legend Classic 5-String Bass Slate Grey


Our Professional Series™ Legend Classic™ Basses are PROFESSIONAL QUALITY bass guitars and they offer a great number of advantages and benefits, the first of which is price. Designed to be affordable yet made of professional level materials and components, these basses represent an incredible value to those who play them.

Our Korean factory was opened in 1986. Since that time our factory has done nothing but improve the quality and value of these, our entry-level basses. Played by professional musicians everyday, these basses are incredibly well-made using quality materials and components such as the Spector®TonePump Jr.™ active tone controls, SSD INC™ passive humbucking pickups.

In addition to the quality components, the construction materials are professional quality, from three-piece maple necks and rosewood fingerboards to Genuine Quilt Maple Tops over solid maple bodies.



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