The best place to go for guitar sales and service!! 🙂
Kurt, Mellieha

Charles from Bandaid delivered my Hofner HM65-F-S classical guitar today...can't put the guitar down!!! It is sooo beautiful and sounds simply amazing! What an instrument! And what great service by Charles (thanks so much recommending and deliving this great guitar to me. Adrian.
Adrian Mercieca, Malta

I brought my 1978 Fender Jazz Bass to Charles for a major service which included brightening up of the body and chrome work and a tune up. As I had been expecting, Charles delivered a great job and he also did it for a very competitive price. Charles is a very approachable and kind person and has a very professional attitude. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Charles and keep up the good work!
Joseph Buttigieg, Holland

Recently bought a Washburn force .Charles gave me a great service and a price unmatched . Save time and money and don't look elswere .............. and forget checking on the net !!!! Thanks Charles
Stephen Vella, San Pawl

My God you have done a stunning job on my guitar ... it feels a million times better than it was ,, thankyou .. will speak to you soon about the amp and pickups .. really really impressed .. you did an amazing job
Teej, Xgharja Malta

These guys are great. I always get the best servicing for my guitars whenever I visit! Keep up the good work 🙂

Absolutely friendly and face-to-client enterprise! Came to Malta knowing nobody, decided to buy a guitar. Contacted Mr. Charles and all his care and kind service and assistance exceeded far my every expectation! Very diligent, very professional and very kind person. Hopefully his business goes up and fore!
Vadym, Ukraine

I am amazed by the sound, feel and looks of the guitar. Keep up the excellent customer service, its outstanding.Thanks for all.
clint mansueto, Dingli

Charles/Band Aid Music: Just received the Hofner and it is beyond my expectations. Love the sound, feel, look, weight. Neck is awesome. The sound compared to my other guitars, which are a Rickenbacker, Gretsch and a Les Paul Pro is better. The only other guitar that I have that I love even more is my Gibson J45 Standard. Can't thank you enough. Will definitely let my friends know about Band Aid Music!!!!
Mark Seppala, Orlando, Florida

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