B-Band 1470 Mic Strip


B-Band Acoustic Soundboard Transducer (AST 1470)

The B-Band AST is made of the same exclusive Emfit film material found in the UST but designed to fit at the bridge plate or soundboard of an instrument. The AST has a very wide frequency response and dynamic range to capture all the tone details of an acoustic instrument. AST has all the advantages of a microphone without the positioning and feedback issues that are usually associated with mics.

The AST is very thin, lightweight and compact. Because of it size and the adhesive on the back, it is easy to navigate to fit anywhere inside an instrument without critical positioning. The construction of the AST is a long consistent structure that ends with a connector for easy plug-in fitting to a B-Band preamp without soldering.

Compatible with all B-Band preamps, the AST can be used as a stand-alone source or in combination with a UST with a B-Band dual source preamp. AST can be used with any acoustic instrument with good access to the surface that it will be mounted.

AST Model and Specifications:
For use with any instrument
Model AST 1470:
Active area: 14mm X 70mm / 9/16” X 2 13/16”
Lead wire length (not including active area) 240mm / 9 1⁄2”
UST and AST Features:
Operation based on the exclusive B-Band / Emfit electret film
UST has two sizes that will fit most guitars
AST (1470) will fit any instrument with clear access to the surface it is to be mounted on
Reproduces the original tone without affecting the instrument acoustically
Ultra-thin and lightweight
Wide dynamic range and frequency response
High gain before feedback
Easy and fast plug-in installation without soldering
No or minimal modification


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