Epiphone Dot ES-335 blonde 2013


made in Indonesia April 2013

Grover 18:1 tuners

The Epiphone Dot ES-335, while modelled after the iconic Gibson ES-335, has become a classic in its own right. Known for its stunning looks, warm tone and playability, it’s a guitar that seems to suit every player, from beginner to seasoned pro.

Because of its semi-hollow construction, the Dot is a happy medium of the thick, creamy sound of the Les Paul and the earthiness of its fully hollow cousin, the Casino. This makes the Epiphone ES-335 extremely versatile and perfect for many styles: from blues and rock to jazz and soul, the Epiphone Dot has you covered.

Its semi-hollow construction also makes it very lightweight meaning you can play for hours without needing a back brace!


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