Hofner Classic Guitar Semi Hard Gig Bag


The Hofner guitar bag in our Deluxe range offers excellent protection for your guitar when you are on the move or have it in storage.
The gig bag is fitted with a sturdy zip, large front zipped pocket, two rear handles and rubberised feet for extra protection. The guitar bag has two padded straps so that you can carry it comfortably and safely on your back.
These Hofner guitar bags are available in two-tone black and grey. (The 4/4 (H61/4) bag is also available in two-tone blue and grey).

4/4 Black/Grey (H61/4-BK)
4/4 Blue/Grey (H61/4-BL)
Dreadnought & Grand Auditorium (H61/6-BK)
Jumbo and 12 String (H61/8-BK)
Acoustic Bass (H61/9-BK)
Solids and Clubs (H61/20-BK)
Semi Acoustic (H61/22-BK)
Violin Bass (H61/VB-BK)

The Hofner guitar bags in the Deluxe range come in a range of sizes to suit all Hofner guitars.


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