Randall RH50T all valve head


2 channels. 4 modes. Includes 4-button footswitch.

An all-tube head that breaks a barrier for price and performance. Continuing to offer the most flexible features, the new Tube Series incorporates 4 modes of operation in 2 fully-independent channels.

Channel 1 or ‘overdrive’ channel includes dual gain stages for hi-gain rhythm and lead. Gain 1 is a tight-feeling classic to hi-gain tone with great note definition while Gain 2 is a bit softer with more gain for lead tones with liquid sustain.

Channel 2 or ‘clean’ channel is a traditional clean tone with sparkly highs and cutting mid-range. The footswitchable boost function adds some grit and volume for a nice semi-distorted country to blues lead tone.

So whether you looking for a great sounding tube amp to jam at home with friends or a flexible high-performance road amp, the new Tube Series has your back.

50 watts

Two EL34 power tubes

Four 12AX7EHs

Two channels w/4 modes

Dual gain stages: Gain 1- Classic hi-gain rhythm, Gain 1- Modern hi-gain lead

Clean channel w/boost function

Spring reverb – real old school sound

Series effects loop

4/8 ohm external speaker outs

Line output

Includes 4-button footswitch


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