Seymour Duncan Blackouts Single Black Bridge Pickup


High-output active Stratocaster pickups (AS-1) that provides hot Strat tone in a hum-free drop-in single-coil size.

Blackouts for Strat are voiced for heavy rock and metal, but they can do a lot more than that. Their strong active signal is perfect for driving high-gain amps and long effects chains, but will also provide studio-quality clean pop and funk sounds. Anything from crushing power-chord riffs and searing leads to sparkling, compressed clean tones are possible.

Blackouts for Strat have a unique dual-pin configuration on the underside of the pickup for two modes of output: moderate and high-gain. The pins can also be wired to a mini-switch or a push/pull pot for an onboard boost. If you love the tone and playability of your Strat-style guitar, but hate the hum and low output of the pickups, this is the upgrade for you.

Available individually or as a complete set, Blackouts for Strat retrofit any standard single-coil pickup rout and ship with 25k pots, tone capacitor, stereo jack, battery clip, and other mounting hardware.

Neck/Middle position models will have the same output, wind direction and magnetic polarity.
All sets, except the Jimi Hendrix signature model, come with a Middle RWRP as the Middle Pickup.
Middle RwRP position (reverse wind/reverse polarity) – choose this to have a pickup that will be hum-cancelling with one of our neck or bridge models.


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