Seymour Duncan Bonamassa Dirty Deed Distortion Pedal


Many pedals out there are trying to clone vintage sounds. This pedal was designed and built from the ground up to have its own voice. It’s dynamic, which means it can go from a light overdrive to full-on blast, using either the Drive knob or your guitar’s volume knob, as we can hear in the sound clips below.

The Dirty Deed is true bypass, so it doesn’t color the tone when off. In fact, you can pull out the power supply and signal will pass through as if the pedal wasn’t even there – a true test of the bypass in any pedal. This all-analog pedal gets its voice from MOSFETs, or metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors. This is a fancy way of obtaining distortion, as opposed to the cheaper LED or germanium diodes. This provides a more dynamic and wide-ranging distortion sound which retains its clarity and punch throughout the distortion range.

The focus was on a great sound on all levels of drive, and not just when it is full up. The end result is that it acts more like an amp than a typical distortion pedal- it has that feel that is so difficult to get out of something the size of a pedal. It can be used with a 9v battery or power supply but it can also be powered at 18v for increased clarity and crunch. The Dirty Deed is designed and assembled right in the Seymour Duncan HQ, in California, USA.

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