Seymour Duncan Liberator with Volume Pot


Liberate Your Pickup Changes!

Thanks to Seymour Duncan’s Liberator 500, changing pickups is no longer a tedious, messy process. That’s because the Liberator lets you change your pickups without soldering connections. You get a color-coded set of connections right onboard, and the integrated 500k volume pot works incredibly well (especially with humbucking pickups). Each screw-clamp connector accepts tinned or bare pickup leads; all you need is a screwdriver and you’re good to go. You get positive, dependable connections plus amazing flexibility. Make that guitar play, sound, and perform exactly the way you want it to; install a Liberator 500!

eymour Duncan Liberator 500 Solderless Pickup Connector and Potentiometer Features:
Integrated 500k standard-shaft volume pot, perfect for humbuckers
10-station pickup connector
4-station potentiometer connector
Each station color coded for Seymour Duncan wiring scheme
Lockdown system eliminates need for soldering
Incredibly quick pickup changes
Optional solder pads adjacent to pot connector

Seymour Duncan’s LIBERATOR pickup change system makes it incredibly easy to swap pickups!


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