Taurus Servo Analog Guitar Enhancer Pedal


GUITAR SERVO – perfect control over the sound.

Taurus SERVO-ENHANCER is a professional tool to help you achieve great guitar sound. The device makes the sound very vivid and saturated while it does not interfere with the original guitar sound. The feeling is that you are playing on much higher quality instrument then it originally is.

The SERVO enriches the sound of instrument, adding the qualities which make playing more enjoyable and even more importantly, more inspiring. Additionally, it makes the guitar very well set in the overall band mix.

The SERVO complements these features which while playing, guitarists need the most to achieve the full comfort .By using SERVO you will notice how rich in the harmonics sound of your instrument is and how significantly they complement the sound. Suddenly you will discover the tones which were absent in the sound of your guitar and now they begin to flow freely, becoming so friendly and inspirational.

The SERVO is designed to work with any type of traditional and digital profiling amplifier and preamp. It also performs very well while recording guitar directly to the computer. The unit is extremely easy to use – it is recommended to connect it directly to the guitar as a first component of the entire effects chain.
We encourage you to try out our cube ! Hopefully it will become the main tool in the arsenal of your effects, creating your own original guitar sound.



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