Xvive digital reverb Maxverb micro pedal



The Xvive D1 Maxverb might be a small modulation effects pedal, but it offers no fewer than three of the most popular reverb sounds. Use the mode switch to choose between ’60s Spring, ’50s Plate, or the universal Music Hall, and use the blend control to adjust the amount of reverb in your guitar signal. The advantage of a digital reverb is that you won’t be bothered by noise, leaving you to fully enjoy a wonderful, reverberating sound.

Xvive Digital Series: silent and reliable

Xvive wanted to develop products with powerful sound, great user-friendliness, and a durable housing. In order to achieve that level of excellence, Xvive worked in close collaboration with musicians and engineers with years of experience in the music industry. This compact effects pedal has many benefits – it makes your pedal board much lighter so that it’s easier to transport. You’ll also have extra space for a different type of effect. In order to maintain high signal quality, all pedals from the Analog Series are completely analogue and true bypass.

Xvive Audio

Xvive Audio was founded in 2012 by a group of passionate musicians who were looking for fantastic sound at a sharp price. Their aim is to produce products with unsurpassed build and sound quality. All effects pedals by Xvive have been designed in America by a team of experienced experts. Their vision is that quality products should be made available at a competitive price, so that every musician will be able to enjoy them.


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