B-Band A3.2 Preamp System


The B-Band A3.2 sidemount preamp has a single input for use with UST or AST pickups and a 4-band EQ. The volume and EQ control are the rotary type and there is a battery low warning LED light at the faceplate. The preamp has 9-volt powered class A electronics. Use with steel or nylon string guitars.

The A3.2 offers a new 4-band “graphic” EQ design using rotary linear potentiometers for greater range. The EQ controls are cut / boost bass, middle, treble and presence controls. The A3.2 is a single input sidemount preamp and works with a choice of either UST or AST (sold separately)

The A3.2 kit comes complete with all hardware for installing and includes a high quality endpin jack with battery power switch. The new hold-tight 9-volt battery clip holds the battery securely so that it will not come out accidentally while handling and is adhesive-backed for easy installation.


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