Istanbul Agop ART 4 Piece Cymbal Box Set


  • Traditional B8 Bronze Construction Offers Dark & Warm Tones
  • Perfect For Any Discerning Drummer
  • Enhanced Sensitivity With Smooth Response
  • Ideal for any Drumming Style or Genre
  • Pack Includes High-Quality Cymbal Carry Bag
  • Handmade in Turkey

The Istanbul Agop ART 4 Piece Cymbal Box Set is a high-quality cymbal pack from Istanbul, featuring a 20” ride, 16” crash, 18″ crash and a 14” hi-hat. The cymbals are constructed from traditional B8 bronze, offering a unique sound with a brilliant brightness combined with the loud, cutting tone. This allows you to break through and be heard against distorted guitars. This cymbal pack is ideal for punk or metal drumming genres and styles. The cymbals are all medium weight, with a brilliant finish and fine lathing on the top and bottom surfaces. With an included cymbal bag for easy and safe transportation of your cymbals, the Istanbul ART Cymbal Pack offers outstanding tonal quality at an affordable price point.

B8 Bronze

Each of the cymbals in the Istanbul Agop ART Cymbal Pack feature a traditional, medium weight B8 bronze construction alongside a brilliant finish. The cymbals offer a unique sound with a brilliant brightness combined with a loud, cutting tone. This cymbal pack is well suited to a range of louder, more-intensive drumming styles and genres such as punk and metal. Perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their drum setup or replace their current cymbals, the ART Cymbals look just as professional as they sound.

Pack Includes

  • 20” Ride
  • 16” Crash
  • 18″ Crash
  • 14” Hi-Hats
  • Cymbal Carry Bag
  • Traditional B8 bronze construction
  • Bright, aggressive tones
  • Ideal for any drummer or musician
  • Included cymbal carry bag



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