L.R. Baggs LB6 Pickup System


This is the pickup that started it all for us. The LB6, with its great presence and warmth, continues to be the pickup of choice for professional musicians like Doyle Dykes, Janis Ian, and Phil Keaggy. Six individual vibration sensors are cast right into the pickup base and epoxy bonded to the micarta saddle to ensure optimum sound transfer. And its built-in feedback canceling design makes it ideal for high-SPL performance situations.


One piece pickup and saddle for superior sensitivity

Sensor design cancels feedback and body noise for unsurpassed feedback resistance, yet maintains natural acoustic presence and warmth at higher volumes

Strong output signal allows the LB6 to be plugged directly into most amps and effects without the need of a preamp

Durable, high-quality saddle material can be shaped for ideal intonation

Guaranteed quality: each pickup is performance-tested in a guitar fixture to ensure consistent quality and performance


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