PRS ACC-3105 Classic Electric Strings 010


Brand Paul Reed Smith (aka PRS)
Instrument 6-String Electric Guitar
Gauge Range 10 – 46
Gauges 10 , 13 , 17 , 26 , 36 , 46 . (Plain 3rd)
Wrap Material Nickel-Plated
Construction Round-wound
Hex Core / Round Core Hex Core
Ball End / Double Ball End Ball-end
Coated / Non-Coated Non-Coated

Used on PRS guitars for more than thirty years, PRS Classic Series Strings are a proven winner for players of all styles.  PRS Strings are the most consistent and highest quality strings made in the world today.  These Classic Series strings are nickel-plated steel wound on a high-carbon steel hex-core giving a powerful, vibrant tone.  The wrap wire is made from a proprietary, reformulated alloy that provides greater magnetic property for louder, brighter tone.  They are flexible and long-lasting, so you can strum, bend, and pick with confidence.

“The Classic Series Strings, we have been using forever, and they just work,” said Paul Reed Smith. “I think they’re a real industry standard, that’s why we used them continually from day one.”

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