Randall George Lynch LB50 head and 4×12 cab – Lynch box


LB50 all tube head:

George came to the Randall bench outside of Chicago and tweeked the tone, gain structure and looks of these totally new models to his satisfaction. A departure from the previous series, these amps are not modular, but hold a true tone with a very simple signal path. The 50w versions are especially small and compact and put out solid performance to rival any amp of any size. Loud and full of tone and rock ‘n’ roll.

Product Features

  • 2 Channels w/boost
  • Judge & Super V tones
  • All Tube • (2) E34L Tubes
  • 50 watts
  • Parallel EFX Loop w/Blend knob
  • 2 button footswitch

The LB412 George Lynch Signature speaker cabinet is loaded with 4 – 12″ Celestion Lynchback high-output speakers. Black tolex with signature salt-and-pepper grille cloth make this a killer cab for any Randall amplifier. A unique baffle design offers wide sound dispersion



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