Randall Half Stack w/ RX120D and RX412


Randall Half Stack w/ RX120D and RX412

Huge sound in a smaller package is the best way to describe the newly expanded RX Series. Randall’s mission to deliver a more affordable amp line that achieves the tone of much larger combos and stacks has developed into quite a powerhouse. The RX tone circuits are designed to achieve the modern Randall tone which delivers plenty of tight low’s as well as enough top end sizzle to satisfy any metal monster. The result is an overwhelming sound that will redefine the modern practice amp.

Includes the RX120D head, RX412 cabinet, and 2-button footswitch.

RX120D Features
120 watts


Overdrive channel w/Voicing and Contour control

Clean channel w/boost option

16-digital effects w/level control

RX412 Features
Handles 200W

4 x 12 in. Randall 50W Jaguars


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