Randall Thrasher 2×12 Celestion G12H100 loaded cabinet


Loaded with Celestion G12H100 speakers, the Randall Thrasher 212 cabinet delivers a punchy tone with serious projection to complement the Thrasher head.

The Randall Thrasher 212 Guitar Speaker Cabinet was specifically engineered to be a smaller extension cabinet option for the Thrasher series. The hi-density composite construction, tuned porting and Celestion G12H100 speakers allow it to keep up with most 4×12 cabs. Steel grill, corners and edges will withstand gig punishment.


– 2×12
– 2 Celestion G12H100-16 Ohms speakers
– 16 Ohms stereo or 8 Ohms mono
– Steel grill
– Metal corners and edges
– Single Center tuned front port
– Heavy duty outer finish
– Massed loaded hi density composite wood construction (for low frequency tighter resonance)
– Casters included


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